I’m Becca.

I’m a business and marketing student who was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. My marketing career began at the age of six, when I used Paint to design brand logos and Microsoft PowerPoint to create TV commercials. The passion continued throughout high school, as I held the position of the Director of Internal Communications within my DECA chapter.
Now I’m a senior finishing up my business and marketing degree at Western Washington University, and I will graduate this upcoming March. I’m particularly interested in marketing research, advertising and brand management, but I’m open to different to different aspects of business as well.
My interests extend beyond business and marketing. I love learning about and appreciating other cultures (anthropology minor), volunteering, as well as playing volleyball. I’m a big extrovert, who strives for constant growth and improvement in everything I do.

My Purpose

Growth through learning
Achievement by ambition
Inspire with compassion

My Values

My Story

I grew up in a stringent Catholic household in which I was spoon-fed what beliefs and values to uphold. Throughout my life, I developed a close-minded way of thinking and established a firm mindset of the world, believing that all the good things I experienced in life were a product of my hard work, and that others had the same opportunity. When I came to Western Washington University, I was exposed to diverse cultures, new knowledge, and different ways of thinking. Every course I took blew my mind and left me yearning for more knowledge. Over my time in school, I was devastated to learn about the ongoing racial oppression and increasing terrorism across the globe. For the first time in my life, I was exposed to the concept of privilege, and ever since this moment, it has consumed my mind. I realized that I was fortunate enough to live a privileged life, not facing the disadvantages of racial discrimination, disabilities, or economic hardship, while others faced more unfavorable circumstances. I wondered why must the world be so harsh to some people, but then people like me are left pristine and unharmed. These emotions of guilt and remorse propelled me into a new way of thinking. I realized that I couldn’t stay put while the world around me was ever changing and constantly evolving. I decided to pursue a minor in anthropology in order to learn more about humanity, and understand what I can do to serve the world. I believe one day the world can be a much better place for everyone, and that our planet can flourish. I incorporate my new and established mindset into everything I do. I strive to constantly improve myself, spread compassion, and achieve my mission with a relentless ambition to better the world.

Brand Principle

serve humanity

Brand Personality

Brand Associations

Brand Structure Brand Monitoring